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Open House PLUS Advanced Real Estate System | Borino's Open House PLUS - Advanced Real Estate Marketing System

New Open House System...

A Complete Open House System: How to Have More Open House Visitors, More Leads, More Clients, More Commissions… And Even More Fun – This Weekend!!

Open House is s waste of time. It doesn’t work. Most people go on the web.” We’ve all heard it, right? And it’s true. Most open houses are frustrating, boring, and unproductive waste of time.

The Real Estate coach Borino - author of the Open House PLUS real estate system

Borino – The Author of the Open House PLUS

Tell me, how many Sundays have you wasted sitting at a dead open house? Quite a few, right? Yeah, me too! And then there is that embarrassing call – Sorry, it was slow. Or worse – Nobody showed up.

Or you do get visitors, but not much more than flaky leads, buyers already working with another agent, and “just curious” casual tire-kickers.

Yes, in that case Open House can be a total waste of time.

Unless you have a proven system, use solid marketing and know the tricks and techniques. Then it can be one of the fastest ways to more leads, more clients, and more commissions. Even The Wall Street Journal writes in the article WHY OPEN HOUSES STILL WORK: “…in boom or bust time, this is one selling tool that won’t go out of style.

Hi, I’m Borino. And like you (and most of the agents out there), I wasted many Sundays without any decent traffic, let alone good leads or business. Well, you know me. I didn’t want quit and give up because I saw other agents who made $100,000 or more – like clock work –  by doing Open Houses.

So just like with expired listings, I put together a complete system. And for the first time EVER, I’m about to teach you all the tricks and secrets. See, when done right, a good Open House can be THE solution if you’re a newer agent or your business is in a slump:

  • You can have a listing or a sale on the same weekend (yes, sometimes it does happen)
  • Name recognition in the neighborhood
  • Leads come to YOU
  • Many prospects are motivated and ready to move soon or now
  • Fast way to generate business
  • Your sellers are pleased
  • Some prospects are looking for an agent, not just a house
  • The most effective way to build connection, trust, and rapport quickly: face-to-face
  • Inexpensive compared to many other marketing and prospecting methods
  • Easy – once you know the system
  • Profitable

What’s YOUR goal?

Real Estate goals and dreams

Maybe you just want that one extra transaction a month to get rid of that nagging credit card debt. How about taking the whole family on a fun vacation… Or you’re thinking about buying a new house, or remodeling.

A nice new car? Maybe it’s time to send your kids to college, buy an investment property, start saving for retirement, put some cash away for a rainy day so you don’t have to worry about money anymore.

And maybe you’re dreaming big and you want it all. So you’re looking for tools and you’re looking for answers.

Here is the good news…

A research group Harris Interactive did a study recently. They surveyed over 3,000 home buyers who either just bought or were planning to buy a home within the next 12 months.

And they found that 91 percent of home buyers either attended or plan to attend open houses during the home buying process! 91%! So open house is a great opportunity to tap into that pool of good leads. And some of the open house visitors are not just buyers, but sellers which means you can also end up with good listings.
It’s time to make some friends this weekend. I’ll show you exactly how.

open house visitors

If You’re NOT Getting 20 Or More Open House Visitors
It’s Time to FIX IT!

Here is what you’ll learn in the course:

  • How the Open House PLUS system works
  • Mistakes to avoid – what turns an open house into a dead, disappointing disaster and why (you’d be surprised that even veterans who have been in this game for years still screw this up)
  • How to use an open house to turn a FSBO into a great listing (this by the way, works with expireds, too)
  • Tools, tips and tricks you’ll need to make open house work and end up with plenty of leads
  • How to get help from your affiliates and partners
  • I’ll walk you through a 14-day marketing campaign
  • Best web sites to promote your Open House online
  • Direct mail campaign that will make you stand out and generate flow of traffic
  • How to prepare the house to make a great first impression on all your visitors
  • Open House signs: which design works best, how many you really need and where to place them to get the most traffic
  • Actual show time. You will see me do a live demonstration of how to turn your visitors into a leads and a customers quickly
  • How even a hesitant visitor ends up signing in and giving me his email and phone number
  • I’ll show you tricks and techniques to quickly build rapport, establish a friendly open atmosphere, and qualify each visitor without being pushy or salesey
  • How to get their real number and verify their contact information. It’s actually pretty easy
  • Complete set of questions, dialogs and scripts
  • How to set an appointment or a follow up call right on the spot
  • Effective follow up after the open house to turn leads into commissions quickly

Yes, this stuff works! It has worked for me and made me wealthy (and happy!), and it’s working right now for the agents I’ve taught. No matter what market you’re in, what age you are, or how many years of experience you have… Anybody – ANYBODY can learn these techniques.  Not only will the formula work for you, but rest assured, as your coach, I will deliver everything you need to put it to work in your business. And the best part is – you can start right now – this weekend!

And here is the best part…

You don’t have to be an arrogant, pushy or cocky, acting like you’re selling used cars. Far from it. Today’s clients are a lot more sensitive and sophisticated than ever before. Nothing turns people off faster than sales gimmicks, pushy agents, cheesy scripts or disrespectful sales arrogance.  That is NOT what this is about.

How Does the Open House PLUS System Work?

Open House PLUS Real estate marketing system - course setThe entire course comes on seven online videos and a work book and it’s divided into three sections:

  • Before The Open House
  • During The Open House
  • After The Open House

I wanted to make your learning process easy, simple and effective. Just log in to the private site, pick a subject, then just sit back, watch a video and absorb each lesson. Remember the movie The Matrix when Neo gets plugged in and learns Kung-Fu in a few minutes? It’s almost like that.

The Open House PLUS workbook includes over 30 pages of tips and techniques, plus all the right questions, scripts and dialogs to make your chat with every visitor nice and easy. But…

There is a catch. Knowing all the secrets will not make you money, obviously. To get results, you need to actually USE what you learn. I can’t promise you’ll get rich quick, but what I CAN promise you will learn everything I know about a successful Open House. I’m going to help fast track you. But just so we’re clear – I can’t do it for you. Please understand that in my experience the people that actually do something with what I teach are the ones who end up getting great results. Some in days. Some in weeks. It really is up to you. Fair enough?

A Complete Real Estate System

Open House PLUS is a complete system with EVERYTHING you need to have a great turnout every time. So you will also get a complete marketing and promotional package (plug-and-play) to get your name out there, bring in more leads, and be remembered.

Be Different – Be Remembered

Open House Marketing set

  • Full set of custom open house flyers with the “flip-side” trick
  • Special invitations (you can mail these or deliver them throughout the neighborhood)
  • A set of Open House invitation postcards
  • Open House Flyer  for the flier box (use it during the Open House)
  • A Guest Register too keep track of your visitors and turn them into leads
  • A “Please Register” sign you place right next to the sign-up sheet – with an extra psychological trigger. Wait till you see this one!

All the materials are done in Word 2007 and they are super-easy to customize. Just pop in your contact info, picture, the property info, print… and you’re good to go.

Open House check listsTo help you stay organized, get the seller’s cooperation (and attention), and to show them how you market each open house you will also get three Open House PLUS check lists:

  • 14-Day Marketing Check List (great tool you can using during a listing presentation as well)
  • Property Check List – improvements, repairs and clean-up before the open house
  • Open House Check List – no more stressing out. List of everything to bring to the open house

Mind Matrix PLUS

Mind Programming for success - Mind Matrix PLUSTo help you feel at ease, to be more confident and comfortable during the open house, and to engage the powerful law of attraction and enjoy your success, you will also get my brand-new Mind Matrix PLUS subconscious programing system.

It is a special 18-minute audio track that has been specifically designed to boost your positive results from open houses. It uses the latest 3-D audio technology, guided visualization, relaxing meditation techniques, neuro-linguistic programming, elements of hypnosis, and neuro conditioning. It’s based on years of scientific research of how our mind works.

Just put on your headphones, listen and relax. It will help you gently dissolve any deep limiting beliefs or negative mental conditioning that may be blocking your success. You will be literately programming yourself for success.

You know me, I will never leave you hanging. So you and I will work together on all this. I know there will be things you want to know. Especially if you’ve never done an open house, or it’s been slow for you.

  • PRIORITY ACCESS – I know you probably will have questions. So you will have priority access directly to me
  • CALL CONFIDENCE Seminar – Once you put the the system to work, you will get leads and you will have to keep in touch with them. So I’m including a new seminar on how to eliminate call reluctance, feel comfortable and confident on the phone
  • MARKETING PLUS – exclusive! Many of your open house leads will be buyers, obviously. And some will also be sellers. So to lock in more listings, you will – for the first time EVER – get a complete listing marketing plan. 125 steps from CMA to closing. You can include it with your pre-listing package, expired package, FSBO package, and of course, use it during your listing presentation
  • LISTED TO SOLD IN 60 DAYS – A special 2-part seminar I did with my good friend Jennifer Allan. You’ll learn dozens of tips on how to get your listings SOLD, right now, in today’s market. Includes tips on pricing listings right from the start, how to get price reductions, and more…

What is My Investment in the Open House PLUS?

Ok so let’s get the investment question out of the way:

My clients and students pay me $195 an hour just to have a coaching session with me. Maybe you’re even one of my Momentum PLUS clients. I spent $2,000 just for one marketing course from Frank Kern. Just one course! I’m a big believer in investing in yourself and your business. I’ve spent easily $50,000 in my education alone… maybe more. Now you’ll get the same knowledge for the fraction of the cost.

The price of the entire program is only $247 $97. Your return? This is where I’m supposed to tell you that if you only close ONE extra transaction you make ten, twenty-times that. But frankly, I would be really disappointed if that’s all you get from it. And I have a feeling you would be, too. And NO, there are no “memberships” or monthly costs.

Open House PLUS is a digital course all delivered via the Internet. No waiting, no killed trees and wasted paper, no postage — access it INSTANTLY from anywhere.

My Personal “No Questions Asked, No Hassle” 100% Money Back Guarantee

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed. Go ahead, get the Open House  PLUS at NO RISK whatsoever. If for any reason you aren’t happy, or if you simply change your mind… just contact my team and you get your money back. Immediately. No questions asked. No hassle. Yes, it’s  that simple.

Here’s the guarantee that you’re making the right decision. When you order you have two full months to decide if the program is right for you.  If not, just let us know and you’ll get a prompt refund. No questions asked – no bad feelings.

Either the program is right for you or it’s not. There are the bare facts. Not a single word of hype. No wild promises. Open House PLUS is the best system I’ve ever put together. Period. Now you have two months to check it out without any pressure and see for yourself.

Time To Decide

When you’ve decided you want in, order and claim your spot before your competition does. The sooner you get the system, the sooner you can implement it and the faster you’ll see results.

Remember, nothing changes unless YOU change.
Real estate doesn’t have to be a struggle or a roller coaster.

happy open house real estate clientsIsn’t it time to finally have plenty of good leads… Stop wasting your time (and money) on dead Open Houses? Work with no-nonsense, realistic, MOTIVATED sellers and buyers? They are out there if you know HOW to get them. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a steady flow of income month after month… And feel good about the business?

I will never pressure you but if your instinct is telling you “YES” — then reach out for my hand and let me help you.  I will NOT let you down. If you’re ready to come along on this journey and adventure with me I’m excited. We’re going to have a productive and successful time together… and a ton of fun.

If you’re ready, I urge you to please join me now, let’s finally get you the results you want.

Creator of The Open House PLUS System

P.S. Just so you know, there’s nothing “magical” about the Open House PLUS even though it may seem like it. Sure, it’s responsible for some fast and impressive results. And while that may seem amazing, you should consider this: You and I, as marketers, have the ability to communicate with hundreds, even thousands of people – literally – at the press of a button.

And if you can communicate with someone, you can influence them… turn them into a lead and ultimately into a customer.

When you think about it, the odds are really stacked in your favor. When you understand Customer Psychology, and you use all the marketing and communication tools to promote and influence people, it’s pretty hard not to see some amazing results.

My point is, YOU CAN DO THIS. You can make the Open House PLUS work for you. All you have to do it let me show you HOW.

I’ll see you on the inside!

Complete Open House PLUS real estate system

Please note: This is not a physical product and the images are for illustration purposes only. Open House PLUS is a digital course  delivered via the Internet. It is affordable because there are no printing or shipping costs. And no waiting or postage — you can access it INSTANTLY anytime from anywhere over the web.

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