A Blank Check from the Universe – to Attract More Money and Prosperity

This is a story about a boy named Jim.

When Jim was a young boy, his family struggled a lot financially.  Things got so bad they had to live in their car trailer for a while. Not the best place to raise a family.

As a teenager, Jim dropped out of school to go after his big dream and came to Los Angeles. As so many, he wanted to hit it big: lots of money, fame, interesting work… The good life.

One day, Jim took a drive up the Hollywood Hills. The big city full of hopes and possibilities twinkling below. As he dreamed about how he wanted his life to turn out, he took out his check book and he wrote himself a check for ten million dollars. From that day on, he kept the check in is wallet and looked at it often as a reminder.

“One day…. One day.” Become his mantra.

Overnight success? No, of course not. Jim had to endure a string of knocks, failures, and struggle, failed  marriage, going from job to job…. But he never let go of the dream – and the check in his pocket.Real Estate goals and dreams

Today Jim owns a private plane. Makes millions. He is famous, does what he loves and lives the life he’s always wanted.

He is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

Now it’s YOUR turn. Imagine receiving a blank check from the Universe.

“Ask and you shall receive.”

How much will you ask for? Let’s play…

First, download the blank check from my website.Blank check

Then, print it and fill it out. You can make it for the next month. Or next twelve months.

Put in an amount that inspires you. That puts a fire in your heart and jazzes you up!

Next, post it somewhere where you can see it daily. I have mine on my Vision Board right next to my computer.

And then, spend a few moments every day and look at it. Just imagine what WILL it feel like to receive that amount. What will you do? How will it feel? What will you pay off? What will you buy? How will your life go?

Keep it fun and playful. Let the Universe surprise you. Trust that it will and IT WILL. Have a good time with it — and make sure to drop me a note to share your success story, OK?


PS: I’m sure you’ve guessed by now the story is about Jim Carrey.


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